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The Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP) is a non-profit organization that facilitates connections between audience and art practitioners. Through a program of exhibitions, publications, educational services and a collection, we aim to increase opportunities for art dialogue in a friendly all-inclusive environment. Audiences are invited to extend their interest in photo-media art by learning about the medium, its practitioners and the surrounding theoretical debates.

Founded in 2004 our programs represent a wide range of interests within the photographic arts while preserving excellence and a critical perspective.

As one of the leading photo-media institutions in Australia and with the support of our local community, the QCP endeavours to promote nationally and internationally a greater understanding and appreciation of the artistic and cultural legacy of contemporary Australian practitioners. Our main photographer is in Brisbane and you can see his work here.

The QCP is supported by a highly committed group of sponsors, government institutions and volunteers. These include the Queensland Government and PIMCO.

Founded by a group of practicing artists the QCP’s partnerships and provision of educational and research resources have been strengthened since 2006 with the launch of the biennial Queensland Festival of Photography. This community effort has intensified and widen the presence of the medium in institutional collections and since its inception has provided new venues, audiences and spaces for the artists to showcase their work.

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